Jen Collins

Illustrated and Licensed Products

Stay Home Club: Apparel designs

An array of designs for the club that never meets, but exists nonetheless - Canadian apparel and lifestyle range, Stay Home Club. Lots of cats, crying and more feature on shirts, scarves, totes, prints, stickers and pins. Purchase here.
Photos: Stay Home Club

Big Cat QuickNotes notecard set for teNeues
Big Cat GreenJournals for teNeues
Big Cat GreenThanks notecards for teNeues

teNeues Stationery: Big Cat products

Lions, tigers, lynxes and leopards: a collection of big cats adorning an array of products from teNeues Publishing, including green notecards, journals and notebooks. Purchase here.
Photos: teNeues

"There Are No Ordinary Cats" Write Now Journal for Compendium - cover
"There Are No Ordinary Cats" Write Now Journal for Compendium - inside cover

Compendium: Write Now Journal

A cat heavy notebook created for Compendium, with illustrated pages featuring kittens accompanying feline-themed quotes throughout. Purchase here.

Embrace Beginnings screen-print design for Worker Bee Supply Co.
Embrace Beginnings screen-print design for Worker Bee Supply Co. - detail of print

Worker Bee Supply Co: Embrace Beginnings

A screen-print designed for Worker Bee Supply Co, who partner with artists to make beautiful, meaningful prints. Inspired by a year of big life changes, this print acts as a gentle reminder to face, accept and manage these fresh starts, and to enjoy the process instead of rushing for the finish. Purchase here.
Photos: Becca Gilgan

‘Shine like the whole universe is yours’ - Rumi quote printed on wood, designed for Compendium

Compendium: Here & There Wood Art

Uplifting notes for your bookshelf, bedside table or windowsill. Three designs for Compendium’s Here & There line, featuring contemporary designs screen-printed on FSC®-certified wood. Purchase here.
Photos: Compendium

FEED Projects: Supper Toolkit

Illustrated details and flair that adorned four printable toolkits for the annual FEED Supper in 2016. Hosts could download and use them at their event.
Photos: FEED Projects

Screen-printed tote bag design for FEED Projects

FEED PROJECTS: Global Table Tote

A screen-printed tote bag designed for FEED Projects, which complimented the printable host toolkits I created for their 2016 FEED Supper.

Screen-printed 2016 Lunar Calendar designed for Tiny Showcase

Tiny Showcase: Lunar Calendar

A five colour Lunar Calendar, screen-printed by the ever wonderful Tiny Showcase. Through a forest clearing lies all 366 appearances of 2016's moon, tracking her day-to-day movements for the entire year.

Hang Out With Some Plants: illustrated poster design for Advice to Sink in Slowly

Advice To Sink In Slowly: Hang Out With Some Plants

Advice to Sink in Slowly distributed posters featuring illustrated advice to students. My design features something that always lifts my mood: spending time outdoors.

Life is Good illustrated poster, licensed by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters: Life is Good

Pastel shades and goods vibes, licensed and sold by Urban Outfitters.

Illustrated sticker for You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful: Artists' Sticker

A design for the You Are Beautiful project's monthly artists' sticker. the colours and content were inspired by weeds seen at the side of the road in New Zealand.

I Love You So Much card design, licensed by U Studio

U Studio: I Love You So Much Card

A colourful burst of love, licensed and sold by U Studio.