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What is time even.

Aside from this sentence, I’m going to completely bypass the lack of updates to this here page. 🙃

I’m slowly adding a few new projects from the last year to my site, including work for Compendium, Ladies with Lenses and V&A Dundee. Feels good to get some fresh things collected together.

Jen Collins
Close up of book cover for Thomasina - The Cat Who Thought She Was a God by Paul Gallico
Thomasina - The Cat Who Thought She Was a God by Paul Gallico - hardcover book propped up on a bookshelf

I think this is one of my favourite things I've worked on - a cover for New York Review Books' publication of Thomasina - The Cat Who Thought She Was a God, by Paul Gallico. The story, set in Scotland, includes murder, witchcraft and a whole lot of drama cause by a little cat who ends up thinking she's the descendent of an Egyptian goddess - I had fun highlighting a few little nods to this in the illustration.

Available to add to your bookshelf from here.

Jen Collins
Stay Home Club

I knew this would happen. I knew I would start a "news" page and subsequently not update it for a hundred years. Well, here's a little update - with more coming soon, if I remember.

To catch up on the biggest project I've worked on this year, I was preeeeetty happy to work on some designs for Canadian apparel and lifestyle range, Stay Home Club. Lots of cats, lots of crying, all that good stuff. You can find the shirts, scarves and other items adorned with various animals and more in their online shop. There are a few more items being released later this year, too.


A series of drawings for Love, an exhibition showcasing female illustrators based in the UK. The exhibition started off in Newcastle This trio are currently sitting alongside work from Lizzy Stewart, Faye Moorhouse, Lucy Sherston, Holly St Clair, Harriet Staniforth, Josie Sommer,  Lucy Ketchin, Alex Sickling and Molly Fairhurst.

The exhibition started off in Newcastle at System Gallery earlier this month, and can now be found at Colours May Vary in Leeds until 15th April. Then, it's off to London - crossing my fingers that I'll be able to see it in person there.

A couple of these can still be purchased in my shop, plus a sticker of the first image comes free with all shop purchases over £10. Big thank you to Alex and Josie for inviting me to be a part of this.

Worker Bee Supply Co. Notebooks
Embrace Beginnings - Notebook - ProductEnvironment.jpg
Notebook Set on Purple.jpg

It's only been six months since I moved back to Scotland from Canada, but it already feels like forever ago. It was fun to be able to be collaborate with Worker Bee Supply Co. whilst in Toronto, with a print I designed for them back in 2015. They've now released notebooks, including one of my design. You can purchase it online, alongside two others by Jackie Lee and my pal Sandi Falconer.

New stationery from teNeues
Mini Tiger Clipboard and Mini Lion Notebook from teNeues

Following in the footsteps of previous Big Cat products that I've worked with teNeues on, their spring 2018 line features two new items featuring my illustrations: a Lion Mini Notebook and a Mini Clipboard covered in little tigers.

You can purchase these and my other items directly from teNeues, or find them in stores across North America and Europe.

new workJen Collinsnew work
New pins

To semi-quote Adam Buxton, I added two more enamel pins to the giant enamel pin bin. Now I want to make more. Is this what it feels like when you get a tattoo?

You can find both pins in my shop.

Jen Collins
Feelin' Fresh

It's long overdue, but here it is: a new website, doing it's best to be better than the last one. New work can be found throughout, including some pieces that never quite made it online before. In lieu of a blog, this page serves as a means of sharing new work and updates without the pressure of being interesting beyond that, sort of. Hooray to less pressure!

Got some money to burn after December? Me neither, but I've also posted a shop update, with a few old things and a couple of new items.

Now that I've settled into a new studio, I'm open to new projects and commissions to work on - send me an email and let's do a thing together.